Rear Engine Mount

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can i use a crv rear engine bracket to swap a b18b into a 96 civic?
me and my friend are in the same predicament, we both got crv rear brackets. he says it doesn't fit right. you guys and hybridhonda says it does. i haven't had time to check, all my parts are at my friends shop 3 hours away. also, when i swap, how do i keep p/s? one more thing, what about the tranny support helper?
According to what I've read the CRV mount will work,and the LS power steering bracket should wprk to keep your PS.
Originally posted by krskid@Mar 4 2003, 07:17 AM
sorry, one more question. which driver side mounts do i use?

The motors.
Yeah use the crv's or a 99-00 si drivers side motor mount. but my friend put a b18b in his ek coupe and he told me he tried a crv mount and i didnt fit, but he could have not been trying hard enuf. I know for a fact that the b16 one will work.
it's official, you cannot use the crv rear tranny bracket to put in a b18b. i tried. the two bottom holes do not match up. there goes my 40 dollars.
Use a DX driver's side mount with the one on the engine.