rear sway bar and front brakes

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what year teg can I get a rear sway bar for my 5g civic sedan?
also...I need to do my front it possible to swap teg or civic ex/si disc's to the front of my sedan?...I know I would need the master car does not have abs...and my front rotors are almost shot(had them turned the last time about 10k ago) If its possible I want only to get the monting hardware and buy new disc's and a caliper rebuild kit....just wanna know what will work
94 or newer Teg will work... not sure on the 90-93 it might though
You are right the 94-97 integra suspension and brakes will work on a 5th gen civic! Nothing 93 and older will fit! The 94-97 integra was based on the 5th gen civic's!
Will the 94-97 GSR front and rear sway bars bolt up to del Sols then? even an S???
it could work... a friend of mine tried to put a gsr front sway on his 96 civ 2door... wasnt happenin, the linkage was hitting it, but i dunno about a sol
I think the list is:
brake lines
e brake cables
Integra master cylinder/brake booster ect.

Please correct me if I am wrong.