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looking into purchasing an ignition system for my soon to be boostd prelude h22. can anyone recommend one. i was looking at either the msd 6a with boost timing retard or possibly the msd sci plus but have heard good things about dei and jacobs. anyone using any of these systems and can recommend one as far as user friendliness and complexity of installation would be appreciated. thanks.

2 litre EG

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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 26 2003, 12:06 PM
unless you are going huge, stock is more than enough

well first off how much do you plan on boosting?

if not too much then stock is more than enough


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My car acted fine with just the plugs gapped down to .020", an MSD coil, and the stock ignition at 15 PSI making 275 horspower. I'll be running the same setup til the spark blows out again, making up to 400-450 horsepower hopefully by this fall.
well starting with low boost until next year when my car is paid for. then punching the block out with a 2.4liter stroker kit and running full skunk2 top end including skunk2 turbo cams. looking for 18-30 psi when done. SiR Kid what type of plugs and coil r u running? I was trying to find some standard NGK's but everywhere i look can only get ngk v-power which dont impress me. im thinkin bosch


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I'm using NGK V-Power copper plugs, and a Blaster 2 coil by MSD that I picked up on the LOW LOW.

Coil, Cap, and all the pieces NEW, but removed from the box for $30 shipped. W00t! :)