Redline For Skunk2 Chipped P28?

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Junior Member
anyone know where i can safely rev my car to with the skunk2 program in my stock p28 ecu? (i had a d16z6 and now i got a b18c1). what's a good shift point for that program? also, i hear something like running a chipped p28 on a stock b18c1 will make you lose torque because of secondary butterflies?? what the hell is that?
oh my sounds like you've gotten yourself into a debockle.

how high is the redline on a normal gsr.. 8000? dont take it any higher than the factory redline since you probably dont have a built valvetrain.

the secondary butterflies are not being utilized in your setup since you are not running the p73 (or is it p73??) my suggestion... lose the gsr IM and get a skunk2 IM if you want to run that ECU