Replaced the head gasket but when the machine assembled back, it won't turn over

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so just recently i got 91 civic hb cx with 1.5 engine (D15B2)

There was a leak on the head gasket so i asked my mechanic to replace the head gasket, We know for sure that there is no leak on the pistons because we checked the pressure before we started the job. Since he already removed the head and we can easily replace the transmission we included it in the job. we replaced the thermostat, timing belt, water pump, and the alternator belt.
as we try to start the car, it cranks but it doesn't start. so we checked the pulse, and found out that there is no pulse on the out from the distributor, so we replaced it with a new distributor (td-u10 if im not mistaken)
ohh before we replace the distributor and tried starting the engine, the main relay started buzzing. no idea what just happened because it never happened to me before we did the job.
now we are stuck because engine doesnt turn over and we are pretty sure that we got all the ground connected, that there are fuel pressure, starter is working and the wires, the spark plugs are new too. i recently replaced the fuel filter too. i dont know if it matters but my EF has the Dual Fuel Injector. Please help out! car is in the garage for 2 weeks now since we started the job.
batter is fairly new too!
Thank you for replies. I will update you all if there's any progress. I have talked to a few mechanics around, they have all mention about the timing and the sequence of the spark plugs wire not being correct and the spark isnt that strong for the fuel to ignite, can anyone give me the sequence of the sparkplug wire and how to properly do the timing. Thank you in advance
timing= either pull under drive pulley or look on timing belt cover. there will be a alignment mark. turn engine until you see three lines on under drive pulley go past that to the one mark by itself. the cam also has markings and an "UP" so you know its not 180 out. as for ignition timing pull the distributor cap off after you put engine in time. usually it will be the left bottom. firing order is 1342. dizzy-4-3-2-1-timing belt. hope it helps. google has alot of pictures if that helps more.
So here's the update, we checked the timing and the fuel pump. As we checked it there's fuel and timing is alligned, we cheked the "new" distributor and there's no pulse on the main and auxillary, but before we even replace the distributor there was pulse. So we installed again the "old" distributor, now there is no pulse on both main and auxillary. We checked the ecu and the code "16" appeared. And when we try to crack the car. There was a buzzing sound from the relay. My mechanic said that there's a possibility that we fried the ecu because of all the test that we did.
The question i got right now is if its possible to get an ecu from a crx with multi fuel injector along with its ecu? The crx is 1.6 civic si. I know my ecu is "PM5-X30" since i am planning to modify the car to a MPFI.
Please i need tell me what are my options to get my car running. I am running out of time, i need the car running before july 1st.
if you have a multi meter check continuity from the ecu plug to the injector plugs. Also check the resistance on the injectors. I have had to replace many dpfi injectors, they short out or go open circuit regularly when they get old.
fuck a dpfi, I wouldnt waste my time, not even being a dick , ef si's are cheap as fackkkkkkkkkkk, think about it, money invested , to what you could have got now, you could have bought a clean si hatch or crx si, and already been d16 (stock) mpfi (stock) 4wdb (stock) ....for very few more $
It is kinda hard to find those cars here in victoria because they are really cheap on gas and really nice to custom, i am even lucky to own one. I just wanted to know all i could with my EF. Its like my first car. Like there's a connection with you and your car sort a thing?
I understand where your coming from, same note, every single honda ive ever owned has been a si/gsr, just for how much little more you spend you get a much better chassis