Resetting The Ecu?

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ok question.

few weeks ago installed a cai into my stock ex.

i remember somewhere that u got to reset the ecu in order for it to compensate for the additional air.

so i disconnected the battery and pulled what i THOUGHT was the engine fuse, under the hood.

the car ran a bit warmer when i got everthing back together....
the car ran pretty cool when it was stock, but once i put the cai on warmed up a bit.

any thoughts?


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To reset the ECU you turn the ignition off, pull the radio fuse under the hood(civic 7.5amp)for 10sec. You don't have to disconnect the battery. Reinstall the fuse and start the car. Done.


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I beleive that the 7.5 fuse is a back-up, I'm not sure, so I pulled out 15 and 7.5.


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Well anytime my friend and I would install a new part on his Teg. We always disconnected the battery. Left it off for like 20minutes. Then when we reinstalled it. He ran it hard as fuck. An trust me, it must seem to work cause he can smoke a lot of people for the low amount of bolt on's he has.
CAI, AEM fuel setup, High Flow Cat, Apexi N1 Full Exhaust, AEM pulley system (without powersteering pulley on), and MSD ignition. It runs mid to high 14's.
pull the fuse's as u know but after re-installing them let the car run at idle untill the rad fan comes on, then the ecu will set to the new values , just let it idle and don't press the gas or turn on the any electric items


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There is no reason to do anything. THe ecu will automatically adjust for mods.