RI: Deal For New Englanders, Mass G2 Parts!!!


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Ive decided that Id rather be done selling seperate parts due to the fact it will take forever and I need money now, so I am offering a huge deal to New Englanders looking for G2 Integra parts. If someone wants to come and pick up the whole lot of parts (list found below), they can get a great deal. I am only asking $200 for everything, and I am DEFINITELY willing to entertain ANY offers as I just want my garage cleaned out before my turbo install!!!
*All parts from a 1990 LS with a Graphite Black interior

Please, someone just help me out and buy this stuff!!!! I also have pics of just about everything. If you have any questions or offers, PLEASE contact me at [email protected] since Im not on the boards much. Thank you.

Bumper Support
Stock Intake
Stock Hubcaps
Power Steering Reservoir
Power Steering Pump
Coolant Reservoir
Rear Tranny Mount Bracket
Passenger Radius Rod
Shift Linkage
Front Crossmember
Instrument Cluster Bezel
Heating + AC Control Assembly
AC Evaporator
Glove Box
Original Book
Shift Knob
Lighter + Ashtray Bezel, Small Light for Center Console
Map Lights
Interior Light
Wind Deflector
Cruise Control System
Wiper Motor
Fuse Cover (Inside)
Handles (Without Lock Switches)
Steering Wheel Center Cover
Hood/Gas Release
Shifter Dust Seal
Full Exhaust minus Muffler W/ Newer Downpipe


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I only have the map lights, but Im trying to sell this as a whole or at least big purchases, get back to me in a week and maybe Ill have to part it out then. Thank you.