Rice Rice Baby!

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lol so many funny looking car, just had to love the geo metro but like 4 of those are cover cars for companies...can't be that slow...looked damn good for being riced and all show..
Ya a few of the cars should not have been in there, yet i never saw the light of true rice until this day. Makes me feel a lot better about my car. :spin:
That was the funniest thing i have seen in awhile. haha. Couple of the cars i thought were pretty tight. Especially the ever so sylin Honda w/ the monster exhaust.
there was a few nice cars.... but that was it funny shit tho
Originally posted by K2e2vin@Feb 6 2003, 08:30 PM
some of those cars were nice (like 5 of them). and i hate that song.

that song f*cken rocked!

Barb-B-Q'd spare ribs my fingers I'm lickin
waitin for the main course: KUNG PAO CHICKEN!

how can you deny that song?
you should keep it on one thread and call it...... rice the thread or the thread of rice

Originally posted by kylemarhx+Feb 6 2003, 06:40 PM-->
@Feb 6 2003, 06:36 PM
the mustang at the end reminded me of a whale .....

what a unique thought :roll: .

I dunno, that sure looks like a whale to me too...


I don't know why this one was in there at all... It's quite nice. The blackouts don't even look that bad on there. The dual exaust could go, but it kind of fits a Sol when they're not freaking huge tips.


This one was obviosly photoshopped. Alot more were, too.

in that pic i agree the del sol doesnt look too bad

the dual exhaust is :ghey:

hes got fake cross drilled rotors on the back... that means its a del sol S... that makes the dual exhaust even more :ghey:

and ill let this pic from the same car just speak for itself
that is a real mugen decal! holy shit now i like it!j/k cmon thats ass
1) That mustang is just about the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Except this one I saw, it had the stock wing on the hood with a 3x Deck WRX wing on the back. Wish I had a camera.
2) Did that Supra have a blower?
3) God that stang was ugly.