riddle me this

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F20C= S2000 motor
F22= Accord motor
F20= Jspec accord motor

can u take a s2000 block and bolt up to accord motor??? i kno B-series motors are interchangable but are accord?? has anyone ever heard of this swap before?? i was jus pondering the idea of a s2000 swap and the engine codes came across my mind!! thanks Jared
All those F series motors have in common is the letter 'F'. You can install the F20 in a chassis that came with th F22 fairly easily. There is no way you could put the F20C in a FWD chassis without getting a custom tranny for it.


Originally posted by LookslikeLS>@Oct 1 2002, 03:55 PM
so u cant take a s2000 motor and bolt up to accord tranny then fit in eg civic with mount kit

has anyone tried? that would be pretty sick, hehe
I doubt that any of the FWD trannies would mate to a block that takes a RWD tranny. The housings are shaped differently.
Originally posted by cookerq62@Oct 1 2002, 08:53 PM
If you could you would have one fast car in reverse. The s2k motor spins clockwise so you would have 5 reverse gears and one forward.

If you are getting a custom tranny that would not be an issue, but then you would have to fork over the $$$ for a custom tranny.
They put a K series motor in a 2001 civic. The 2001 civic has a d series motor. EG's have a d series motor. That swap sounds alot easier and cheaper.
wellllll i saw a mighty max pick-up truck with a turbo eclipse 2.0 with awd... and it was mounted front to back or whatever... i dunno... did that make sense?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the F in F20C just a disguise for what really is a K series motor in the S2K? Because if that is the case..well all that shit wouldn't work
The F20C does not have iVTEC. And it really is an F series, and you could get it in an fwd car, but for the price it would not be worth it.