rim color opinions

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I ordered a set of blades for my eg red hatch but i dont want to leave them chrome. I'm thinking of maybe painting them a gold or bronze to match the stock red but I'm always thinking of some bright color, like a color you dont see too often. Any ideas? I'm looking for something that'll match the red but still stand out.
they're not chrome.. its polished aluminum.. and if you paint over it you need to be shot.. :D
White, black, gunmetal, or polished aluminum should be, IMO, the only colors you can purchase rims in. They go with every paint scheme, no matter what you have.
paint em like this
well, have fun ruining a perfectly good set of wheels
well id agree if they were brand new but theyre pretty used, i got them for 175 shipped, so the finish on them has seen better days, i'll post pictures when i get them
well, if they're beat to hell then go ahead and paint them.. i'd do it in Gun Metal though.. they'd look like ITR wheels in a way
yeah they didnt look too pretty. gun metal sounds like a good idea