Rolling stock on the Q-ship

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So as some of you know I bought a '92 Q45. I put wheels and tires on it today.

The tires are tallish to maintain close to stock aspect ratio.

Front: 17x7, +38mm offset, 215/45/17 tires.
Rear: 17x9, +35mm offset, 255/40/17 tires.

Why gunmetal? It matches the gold really well. Now without further ado, for all you lip-lusters...

Front 3/4 View

Side View

Rear 3/4 View - Note the fatty lip!

17x9 baby yeah!

Quite an improvement from the stock piepans, if I do say so myself.

Reference Photo

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There's a few reasons I didn't go stupid big.

1: Money. These wheels and tires cost me just over a grand for wheels/tires/stems/mounting/balancing.

2: 17" tires are getting really cheap. They were under 100 per tire. Anything bigger than 17" and they go straight up to at least 130 per tire, and with the amount of miles I drive it's more economical to get wheels that still look really good but fit cheaper tires.

3: I'm gonna lower it. 17" will look plenty big when the 4x4 effect is taken away.

4: I wanted taller sidewalls. I wanted taller tires to maintain some ride quality.

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Originally posted by TurboMirage@May 12 2005, 05:37 PM
why do the rear wheels look a different offset from the front?
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Front: 17x7 +38 offset
Rear: 17x9 +35 offset

They are a different offset. They're also 2" wider. :B