Rsx Type S For Sale

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Vehicle Description

$100 FINDER’S FEE to the person who finds me a buyer for this car.

To sell for less than BLUE BOOK!

This is a 2002 Acura RSX pearl white, Type S, 6 speed, luxury sport hatchback which I believe has 215 crank hp. This RSX has 16,100 miles and is in mint condition. The car has all standard features of a type S, which is essentially loaded. Acura quality is readily evident in every aspect of this RSX. The car is lightly modified with the following extra equipment totaling over $1000 in value for parts alone(not including labor) all of which do not void any part of the warranty. The car has Progress springs which improve cornering to ~.96g, reflective tint within legal requirements, Injen intake adding 12.5 whp, Euro taillights, the hatch is wired with preouts for amplifier, trunk liner and Acura wheel locks. The car comes with all original factory parts in case you would like to restore it to stock. The gearbox of this car is smooth, simple to shift and makes the car easy to drive. It is reasonable to achieve 31 miles to the gallon on the highway which is great for a car this fast. I have received many complements on this car. I must emphasize a low maintainence expediture for the RSX because there is no tune up required until 100,000 miles. There is no timing belt, only a timing chain which never needs to be replaced. All Mobil 1 oil changes were performed every 3000 miles since perfect break in (Oil changes are recommended every 5000 miles due to greater oil capacity). I feel that white pearl is the best factory color because it has slight color changes in different light making it quite classy appearing. There are no flaws in the paint except for a small 4mm streak that is very hard to notice near the rear bumper. This Acura has been obsessed over, babied with hand washes weekly, waxed once/month, and has rarely seen rain. The car was garage kept at home and work it’s entire ownership. It was never raced or revved excessively. This RSX was all adult driven by one nonsmoker owner. The Bose sound sytem is superb quality and the 6-disc in dash CD changer is very convenient. The warranty has about 3 more yrs or 34,000 miles left on the drivetrain, and about 4 yrs on the paint. I am selling the car because my wife needs an SUV. The title is clear and clean. I asking $21000 or best offer. Please call me at (352) 495-0124 or (352) 219-6766 if you have any questions or send email at if you want more pics. Ask for Matt. ;)