running lean w/h22 in 89 prelude-help...

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Hello everyone. I am new to the site but not new to the scene, not by far. I have a 89 prelude 2.0, a K5 gsxr 1000, and a 2000 Honda996. I just got out of the corps. I live in jax, fl. just got back from San Diego, Ca. where I was stationed. I am interasted in swapping a h22 in to my 3rd gen prelude. then maybe a turbo kit. never be as fast as my gsxr but I can still try.
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its a hard swap. the harness conversion sucks, and im not sure if anyone makes the mounts anymore.

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There's a company called AZ Racing that is supposed to be making the mounts. The conversion harness is nothing more than the OBD0 to OBD1 harnesses you can get for 100-150 or so.

Axles depends on how you get the engine in but the 94-97 Accord axles are typically the right length but you need to put the stock outer prelude cv join on the accord axle and then use the Accord mid shaft...

Check out prelude's 3g forum for more info...