S2000 Wheels On A Del Sol

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Junior Member
I am looking to get new wheels on my del sol, I currently have the standard steel ones. I really like the ones on teh S2000 and would like to use those. Will they fit onto a del sol with no problem? Also I am looking to get wider tires and from what I understand, the standard wheels on the S2000 are wider than the standard Del Sol but I dont know what the measurements are for either. Anyone know the measurements for both?


Senior Member
Yeah, u would have to get the 5 lug conversion then they will fit. i like those and i want some for my 4th gen hatch..


Super Moderator
You have to get two pairs of FRONT s2000 wheels. The fronts are I think 7 inches and the rears are 7.5 or 8.

OR maybe it's just the offset that's different....

I KNOW that the front and back wheels are different somehow, I just don't know in what way.... :) :D