S2K VTEC sputter

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sorry, this question is in the wrong forum, but i dont know where else to ask this.... maybe some of you remember me, i was an admin here a while ago, im 85percent... anyways, i jus bought an S2000 about a week ago, and recently the VTEC has been sputtering... like when i floor it, the VTEC will go on and off over and over... when im above 6K rpms, you can feel the engine lag.... so i took it to the dealership, so they could plug the ECU up to a computer and figure out what was wrong-- they said that one of the valves was running without VTEC (i thought it was a fuel injection prob) , so it took them four days to "fix it"...... got the car back yesterday, and the same sh*t is happening again... i dont know what the problem is... any help is appreciated.. tanks B)
If i were you i would take it back to the dealer, and make them do something about it.
haha yea i should be owning, but with the VTEC fucking up, a boxter kept up wit me on the freeway the other day.. :( .....so yea i guess i'll jus take it back to the dealer again.. tanks for da input, and nice to hear from u guys again... :D