Selling Springs, What To Get?

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Well, the POS Matrix springs have settled much more than 3", so I'm selling them after they come off this weekend or next. Bottoming out on everything isn't worth it. I am going to run on my old springs and stock wheels for the winter here in MT. Battling snowbanks and icy roads is not a good thing. My friend was slammed off the road yesterday in his Explorer because a lady hit him from behind cuz her brakes locked on the ice. The Explorer went off the road, hit a ditch bank, and flipped it. The Explorer is totaled, and he only had it for less than a week. He was fine because he wore a seatbelt. They do save lives, take the 5 seconds to put one on.
Back on topic, I'm saving this winter for new springs. I am selling the old Matrix springs for $80, so I am already starting. I'm seriously considering Ground Control because of the Eibach springs, and I would be able to slam it for the summer and raise it during the winter. What other brands that are coil-overs should I look at? Price doesn't really matter, but I just replaced my struts with KYB GR-2's, so I don't want a whole suspension package like Tein makes.
Also, since my stock tires are a little bigger in circumference than the ones on my good rims, doesn't my camber need to be readjusted? It's riding about 1/4-3/8" higher.
i told you a long time ago not to buy em and you said there good.... i told ya hahaha :p
move to socal, put a body kit on it and it'll look like just another showcar out here :)

seriously though, you cant go wrong with eibachs. they are the leaders in springs IMO.

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I got Ground Controls and love them! The eibach's are the shit! Also Skunk2 makes a real descent coilover. Yeah if I was you I would deffinately get coilovers to be able to adjust ride highth for winter-vs-summer.
Ground Controls are great- just get a set of those and you'll be happy.

Tire diameter has nothing to do with camber- but since you'll be changing your ride height several times a year, I suggest you get an adjustable camber kit for the front and the rear. That way you can get it aligned easily every time you change your drop level.
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so dont bash for posting on it. just thought it was funny.
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