senior reaserch paper

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90 accord

Chicks dig the box
what did you write yours on?

we hav to write it on a career we're interrested in, so i'm gunna write mine on mechanical engineering.... anyone know of any websites containing info on mechanical engineering, such a: what they do, what kind of experiance is needed, what schooling is needed, salaries for them, etc.

wrote mine on Mugen! the funny thang is the teacher had no clue what the hell it was and where to find sources so it was all plagerized! hahahaha!
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Oct 16 2002, 02:20 PM

hey calesta were you involved with UT sae stuff. i went down there the other day and they all seemed kinda stuck up.

I used the shop, but no I wasn't in SAE. I didn't like working with those guys... but I did like using their tool box and impact tools. A lot of them area good friends of mine, but I never got involved.

I was president of ASME for a year, and was deeply involved with the organization for about 4 years... it's a much nicer bunch upstairs. They should still be in 2.104, just to the right after you get inside the main entrance of ETC. I've heard that there's some funny politics going down within the group these days though, so I don't know what you'll find. Check it out!