set the clocks

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already spring ahead tonight! crazy.

anyway, if your clock is wrong here after the change, be sure to head into your CP and change the check mark on the daylight savings time option.
my mom just came in my room hella tripping about the tv saying its X o'clock while the rest of the clocks in the house are one hour behind that.
they should ban daylight savings time
i do not adjust well to time changes
me neither.. it really messed up the fiance this morning, she couldnt get out of bed. .hahah
they should ban it because the world isn't 99% farmers anymore. as far as i know, we are the only country who uses it.
i'm all screwed up too.

satnight/sun morning, i couldn't sleep till 6am.

sun night, i was beat at 10pm, but couldn't sleep till 4. then i couldn't wake up.

:( ugh
Those are the main civilized areas?

Don't forget China, India, S. Africa, S. American countries, parts of Australia, etc. :) Even though some of them are technically part of the N. Hemisphere, you know what I mean.
if you still have to change clocks i consider you in the stone age :)

even my DLP TV not hooked up to cable knows what time it is...