Shifter will not come out of Park, after H22 swap...

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Thanks for reading. Recently, I finished my H22 swap into my 92 si. The swap went very good, except the shifter will not come out of park, without bypassing the shift lock solenoid. I spoke to Steve from Hmotorsoline to research this issue, and he said a customer of his did this swap not too long ago, where they had to move three TCU pins around, to make the shift lever work. The question is tho, does anyone know which three TCU pins have to be moved around? Or can someone steer me in the direction of a write-up of such. Btw! I'm currently using a P13 Auto ECU and a P0N TCU.
Thanks for any info.
Not many guys here do auto H swaps here but you may find some good help so BuMp for you

I say you keep talking to Steve at HMO and see if he can give you the exact pins to move.

Ffsquad has a quick write up and pics of how to take pins out of a plug. Pretty straight forward.
We will never find out, the op hasn't been back here since the day he posted this 5.5 years ago.