Shoot some Flames!!!


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I've always wanted to do this, I was just wondering how you guys would do this, I was going to hook a coil up to a spark plug in the rear of the pipe and see what happens and if it didn't flame, then I was going to take a washer fluid thing and put in something in there....and mist it in the pipe before the plug. I don't know what do you think of this??? anyone seen this done or tryed it? I got hooked when I saw a CRX shoot the flame out of his tail pipe on main street at night....

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can you say rice?!?

but anyway, the true un rice way of doing this is to have a high powered turbo and no cat. but if you don;t wanna have a high powered turbo, you can always hook up some butane or propane or something like that.. if you use a spark plug, every time it fires, it will make a loud ass pop..


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just get that exhaust tip with the LEDs in it ... that kinda looks like flames.....
or was it that its flaming...... flamingly GHEY :ghey:


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ever see that on fnf. holy shit that was phat!

"to each is own" mang

you could also put a potato in there out!


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actualy the rubber glove/condom sounds kinda funny I might have to try that.... :D But a big ass turbo is out of my price range I think for now, Although I do wanna put on a T25 later on....once I save up for everything...?


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umm this doesnt belong here for any reason, but i felt the "hello and welcome to..." pic is getting old, so i made this! tell me what you think...i know its not that good, but its all i could come up with :)

ok i slowed it down, what do you think?


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 29 2002, 03:11 AM
haha thats great dude--

it would be better if you could get the SNL sean conenry one going :)

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Originally posted by khan@Oct 29 2002, 03:32 PM
[sean conenry]"id like swords for for 500 alex"[/sean conenry].

"Its S words!"

lol its "connery" not conenry

BTW, i think the flames would be cool, if you can get it to work without blowing yourself or the car up :rolleyes:


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some people did this in my small engine class freshman year (its ben so long) they put a spark plug at the end of a muffler and then ran a wire from the magneto (remember this is a 3.5 hp briggs and straton + they had carbs) and when ever he made the wire touch the spark plug, little flames shot out (i think it was just burning the extra gas that was not burnt in the combustion chamber) May have been more complicated but i am not sure


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there is an ad in the back of one of the recent super streets for somthing like this, says it will blow fire up to 20 feet. i'll see if i can find it .


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Originally posted by 96prelude@Oct 29 2002, 02:23 PM
there is an ad in the back of one of the recent super streets for somthing like this, says it will blow fire up to 20 feet. i'll see if i can find it .

lol, that doesn't sound so safe, i'd hate to be behind you