Short Shifter Q

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OK, I've got my skunk2 shifter, and new bushings etc..
how long do you think it will take to install this stuff
a rough estimate will do. I wanna do it this sat. was just tryin to figure
out if I'll have time to do it. Thanks in advacne
no more than 2 hours a buddy and I did it to his car and we were phucking around the whole time and did it in 2.5 hours.
Yea, and hour to an hour and a half sounds correct if you don't screw around. One of my bros did his in an hour by himself.

An hour at the most. If I didn't have to work on Sat I would help you. I think that you have to leave the shifter in 5th before you take it out so it goes back in properly. I could be wrong as I have not swapped one in a while. Make sure that you have some vice grips to help hold the bolt that holds the ball in the place.
yes, no more than an hour, very easy to do... i'd reccomend letting the car cool down for a min, dont know how EF's are but on EK's its right there :) i love my skunk2 ss, enjoy!
EDIT: i meant to say the exhaust is right there, where you do the work.... i was pretty baked last night, sorry :p
yup- do it cold.

remove shift knob
jack up car on 4 jackstands if possible, else 2 on the front as high as possible, as you will be in the middle of the car
unbolt the shit- you might have to remove the exhaust from the hangar
remeber how the shift linkages look...
repeat above backwards after you put the new one in :)
i have installed a short shifter about 4 times

the first time took me 1 hour n a half,

now i can do it in under 1 hour,

you just have to get the order of removing the bolts right or it just gets awkward removing them
o yea,
i noticed that guy gave you a walk through,

you might wanna also take off ur heat shield that sits right under ur shifter console, i noticed it rubs a bit in 5th gear if you dnt remove it,