Si Head

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Junior Member
hey guys,

my buddie has a 92 civic vx hatch and apparently it has the economical vtec, anyways, he wants to swap a 92 civic si head and ecu on it for the more powerful vtec :)

My question is: is it worth it? i mean is it worth swapping the head and ecu, will it make a difference. From what i'v been told it could gain you upto 20hp. is it really worth the hassle. I dont' know how hard a job is it.

anyways, your 2 cents would be appreciated..


Blair :D
The gearing on that engine is extremely wide. Apparently the economical part infected the engine and the transmission. Make sure you get a different tranny ( EX or SI, if they will bolt up?) to make that extra hp worth it.
If you can score one cheap, go for it. I'd just save up for a B. If he does deside to go for it, the vx tranny should be fine.
if you need an Si tranny I got one for sale. it includes the fully intact tranny, shift linkages, and axles. only $200. if you live in SoCal you can come and pick it up.
thanks guys, but i think i am going with a b series engine.. i cant afford too much right now, but i think i found a b18b that i can grab for cheap.. i was really looking for a b16a2, but outa my price range..