Silver 5th Gen?

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Did any 5th gen's come in silver?

I really thought that they didn't, but I saw one today while driving around for work. It was a 4 door DX.

Painted? or stock...
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Feb 13 2003, 01:21 PM
No, no 5g's were Silver, are you sure you didnt see a 96-00? All I see is silver 6g's

Oh yea I'm sure.

I always wanted a silver 5th gen, so it stuck out.

Plus I have a 5th gen, easy telling by the door handles (if nothing else... although they look very different.)
4 Door US Models came in the following colors :
Harvard Blue Pearl
Isle Gren Pearl
Frost White
Phantom Gray Pearl (this isnt silver, it's "perrywinkle" or "purple" or whatever you homo's call my car ;))
Torino Red Pearl
Camelia Red Pearl
Horizon Red Metallic

4 Door Canadien Models came in the following :
Harvard Blue Pearl
Malachite Green Pearl
Isle Green Pearl
Granada Black Pearl
Frost White
Phantom Gray Pearl
Milano Red
Horizon Red Metallic