SIR2 into 96 Civic DX Wiring

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Okay, The mounts, the tranny, and as far as bolting everything in and running all the lines and hoses I can do fine on my own. My question is, does anyone have the Wiring Diagrams I need for this? I'm using a P30 ECU, and dont have my wiring harness yet (the ECU side, I have the side connected to the motor). Please any info, really just the diagrams, would help. Thanks.
why in gods name are you using a p30?

you have an obd 2 chassis and an obd2 motor...
WHY use an obd 1 ecu? it makes no sense at all.
Okay, I have most all of the wiring done now...just finished today, but there are a few things that I'm unsure of...On the driver-side of the engine bay, (with the SIR2 wiring), there are 3 harness connectors. One has all yellow/black wires that is plugged off, I'm guessing its a common ground. Then there is a 14 wire connector and a 2 wire connector. If anyone has the pinout to the 14 wire connector (its number is C126) then it would be greatly apprectiated. Also, a pinout of the singe 10-wire connector that the 96-98 civics use in place of these 3 connectors in the same spot would be helpful as well.