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Senior Member
it took 14 Questions for it to find out i was thinking of a cell phone

it took 16 questions for it to find out i was thinking of a moutain bike

it took 28 questions with two wrong guesses to get to guess i was thinking of a calculater

90 accord

Chicks dig the box
it know i was thinking about a rhino ...;)


Senior Member
it took 24 questions and one wrong guess to find out i was thinking of adog but thats still pretty dam good kewl shit yo :lol:


Senior Member
muhahaha i won i was thinking of the cuzzie thing that keeps sodas cold, i have bet it 4 times so far i am god


I'm just about that action Boss.
:angry: It took 6 guesses to tell me I was thinking of a gorilla. :(


Senior Member
I was thinking of a truck and the closest they got was a dump truck, it took a while, but i wasn't thinking of a DUMP truck.


Super Moderator
Thinking Penis..

Do you hold it when you use it...Yes
Does it bring joy when people recive it...yes
Is it hard....sometimes (b. would have said never or no :lol: )
Is it soft....sometimes

It finally after like 30 ?'s it said, are you talking about something that your mom would not want to here? I am not allowed to talk about sex.