skunk2 intake mani.

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picked up the manifold today, she is purty i'll take pics when the TB gets here (should be monday) but, i did run into a few things with this manifold, no big deal really. 1.) there is a tube missing out of the manifold that is supposed to go to the evap solenoid valve, so you have to get a T fitting to share the other one coming out of the front of the manifold (can't remember what its called, can't find it in the helms either..). 2.) there is a space open for an LS iac on the 4th runner. 3.) there is an extra coolant hole that needs to be plugged, (used a fuel line and clamped a bolt on it to plug it up). i'll take pics of this install when i get to it, can't wait to throw it all on :)