Skunk2 Intake Manifold Question

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Junior Member
:huh: I can get a skunk2 intake manifold for cheap but my question is: Will it fit? I have a b18b1 swap in my eg and my old roommate had a 2000 gsr with the skunk2 manifold on it. Does anyone know if the manifold will fit my head? On the skunk2 website there are two different part numbers for the two different engines. If anyone knows please inform me.
You might be able to make it fit, but I don't think that it would be worth the hassle.
i dont think it is a direct bolt on. i THINK the coolant passage is in a different location on the gsr than on the b18b
would it even be worth it considering it's a VTEC manifold going onto an NON-vtec head?
If it's a stock GS-R manifold, you have to hook up IAB to function the manifold correctly.....but most aftermarket manifolds don't come with IAB.....i think it should bolt on....not sure though