Skunk2 Stage 2 Vs Itr Cams Dyno

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Alljdm posted something like that a long time ago when he was trying to sell some of those cams

My question is how streetable are they, will they fuck up your head after x0,000 miles?

And do they fuck up your gas millage and all that. I want cams that will be as close to stock as possible around town, but once i want to move (anytime over 3500 rpm) i'll be off.
they are streetable yes, get their springs/retainers. i hear the vtec lobes are pretty agressive, i'm sure it wears on your valvetrain more than stock, but thats the point right? :D
i don't see how it would wear on your valve train. a larger cam profile simple holds the valve open longer and or higher based on its duration and lift.

springs/retainers are to insure against valve float- as it gets lifted higher, it needs a stronger push BACK as, it has to travel farther now... so thats why you need stiffer springs
i heard that the stage 3 skunk2's can tear up the vavle guides and that kind of stuff, has anyone heard that about the stage 2's?