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i did a mini-me swap on my d15b7 witha d16y8 head and it wont start, i'v tryed everything and talked to alot of people that have done this swap and had problems and nothing is working. all i want to know is if not removing the oil jet out of the block would keep it from starting, i know that it will keep v-tech from kicking in but dont know if it will keep the engine from starting. the car turns over fine and starts to start but wont completely start. it sounds kinda wiered but that the bast way i can describe it. please help me. :( :( :( I will worship you if you find this out for me :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
Originally posted by intercooled@Feb 18 2003, 02:18 AM
cam might be off a few teeth, you said it sounds like its about to start so it's probly not 180 off.

yeah, or mabe when ou put timing belt on you moved the crank pully and lost the TDC of piston #1
Originally posted by intercooled@Feb 18 2003, 08:18 AM
cam might be off a few teeth, you said it sounds like its about to start so it's probly not 180 off.

Actually it will sound like that no matter how out it is,all that sound is,is the starter turning.My timing was 90 out,just pull off your valve cover and timing belt cover and static time it.If that doesn't work then check back.
well i just put my timing light on and the timing is set perfect now, it sound more like its about to start but wont acually start up, it's fluded right now because i was just crankin it will i set the timing. but it probly should have started. all the teeth on the gears are all lined up i checked them, put the belt on and checked them again. and had 5 other people check it before i put it back together. I DONT UNDERSTAND!!! wtf is goin on. i should be running. and my alarm still isnt working. WTF? (if you havent noticed, it's starting to piss me off a little :angry: :angry: :angry: )
Pretty sure you can't flood a fuel injected system.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Feb 18 2003, 06:59 PM
Pretty sure you can't flood a fuel injected system.

why wouldnt you be able to. if you dont get spark and your still getting gas then you flood the engine. your ecu doent detect timming, if it could then no one would ever have to mess with timing the ecu would fix it for you or tell you how mutch the timing is off, if that was the case, i would have fixed my car three days ago.

anyways, i had my little sister turn the key wile i set the timing with my timing light and it is set perfect now. i waited a few minutes and tryed to start it because it was flooded and it started up, but realy rough and then shut off because the distributer wasnt being held on and it fell off. lol. but it is realy hard to start and was ideling realy rough, do the valves need to be adjusted? i am working on putting the internals from my old distributer onto my new one so that i dont have to modifie the housing of my old one. ( a hybrid dristributer, a new invention for the mini me setup. lol.) thanks for the help, but do the valves need adjusted now, and do any of you have a link to a page that shows how to adjust them?
The reason I say that is because I did the same thing and mine didn't flood.And your ECU (some) does change the timing if it isn't right (within reason).There is a post about it in the general tech forum.Here is a valve adjustment for a B series,not exactly the sane,but it can give you a idea.Just get the specs for your valves and a shop manual.
Also, fuel injected cars have a return fuel line that routes unspent gas back to the tank. A carb car would flood, but its hard to flood a FI car b/c it will restrict the gas going in and send the rest back to the tank. It just depends on the ECU.. (my eclipse would route gast back to the tank if it wouldn't fire)
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