Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

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Not surprising.. the Excursion looks like its having a tough time keeping that party contained :spin:
I am about to put about another 20 cans of spray foam into it and some 2 part expanding foam in the 1/4 panels etc and voids, and add 3 more braces internally. Then add another weather stripping seal to keep the doors from flopping

221732639_10165452134165076_5313174390441560642_n (1).jpg

gotta come flex my peen


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I just bought a single SA X12 v3 for my new truck.. nowhere near this setup but I'm excited about it
I am the Sundown Audio Distributor for Atlanta now with my new company Southern Thunder Car Audio and sick I love my Xv3s I do a 150 at 20hz and 155 at 40 hz lol havent burped higher im sure could score higher