Some crazy Buick driver!

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Comes up on my right side at like 65 (in a 55 zone), and cuts me off, then tailgates the guy in front of me. So i'm like WTF, there's no cops around, I'll follow this guy... well I stopped accelerating at 110 mph, but he kept going. In the end I got his plate number and called it in to the police. Just felt like sharing :)
did the cops give a hoot? i tried to report a dickhead once who was trying to pick a fight with me from inside his pickup truck..and i went to the police station and talked to a cop. he said there isnt anything that can be done. i think he said i can file a report, but thats about it. sucks huh.

the fuckhead was riding 1 inch from my bumper on surface streets right by my house. i wasnt speeding or anything. we came to a stoplight and i gave him the finger. instead of turning like he was going to, he floored it, got in front of me and cut me off (like a cop would)...then he offered to kick my ass. he had a big US marine corps sticker onthe back of his truck and he looked like a pissed of marine. i told him i had a bad day and he backed off. DICK! the cop station was only 1 mile away.
its kool. :) i was just trying to be cool by associating my name with the movie xXx. :) maybe thats what hes doin too.

the car from the movie...
you guys think cops are gonna put down their donuts long enough to freakin go after people that tailgate. come to california...things like that are an everyday thing. no big deal. :sleep:
No I came up with this name my freshman year in high school. I had an experiment with my hair go bad, and it turned out purple instead of blue (the bleach didn't get rid of the red tones enough). The first day of school some teacher called me a pixie, and ever since then I've used PixXxieGuy (had to make a porn reference somehow!) as my screen names.