some problems on my EF hatch

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ok i have a few weird problems with my car the first one is that whenever i drive for a little while and then i stop i can smell a strong scent of gas so i tried looking all over for a leak and for some reason it seems like the gas cap is leaking so i open the cap up and it has alot of pressure more then i would say normal. okay next problem is that sometimes when i start my car it stutters real bad i had to hold it at like 2000 rpms for it to clear i gave it a tuneup and everything but it still acts up time to time also with the a/c on its get even worse and it only stutters in 1st gear as soon as i pick up speed its alright


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English please....

Sounds like you're spraying too much fuel. Check fuel pressure, injectors (are they larger than stock?), ECU (chipped?), spark plugs.