Someone caught Brian Ricing

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so it might not look like B, but its still funny :lol:
Its windows 2K acutally. I ordered my pc with XP but fuckers at dell put win 2k on instead.

im not gonna send my pc for 2 weeks just to get XP (i dont like it that much anyway)

Nice sig btw
xp is cool once you get rid of the "fisher price my first windows happy buttons"
LOL.. ive been trying to think of a way to describe them.. thats awsome "fisher price my first windows happy buttons"
yes, its all about win2k, i leave my pc running for months without crashing :)
2k sucks for graphics. Thats the main reason why i don't use it at home. At work, yeah 2k. but at home, where i watch movies and shit all the time of dvd, divx, etc- i need to have xp :)
I haven't had a problem with graphics and win2k
Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Oct 18 2002, 03:25 AM
holy overloaded startup menu batman! what the fuck is all that shit?!

well lets see.

My recharger, eject hardware, sound, touchbad,intel speed step,Dell shit, Roxio, printer,direct cd, yahoo, aim, wireless network, and cabel network.