Soon To Be Sporting Teins Joo!

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Well after about 2 months of searching, I finally found a good set for an even better price.

HT thread

I cant wait to get them on. ITR rear control arms are not included so I am going through chris for thoses.

Look at those, no rust, no flaky paint. I cant wait for them to show up.

Maybe I will run in DSP for autoX afterall. :)

this is what my face looks like right now :) x10

So now I am going to be the second Tein HA bouncing sol owner on this board :)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 28 2003, 09:22 PM
w3rd, but where's the helper springs y0!?

for some reason they're on top, if you look closely
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 29 2003, 12:25 AM
pillowball mounts?

I might buy a set for the front but if not, I will just use my old rubber ones. Plus 150 can be spent on other areas. Major thing is I think I might be a little short for them. I still have to buy the ITR control arms.