Sooo... Still no Spark... Need some help

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Ok so from my previous thread I swapped in a F20B into my 98 prelude and I was not getting power to my fuel pump and past my Main Relay, and when I turned the key the main relay would pop click and try to blow up :D. Since then I have Installed a BRAND NEW Main Relay ( fuel pump now works), did OBD1 conversion w/ chipped p13 ecu w/ stock f20b maps, gone back over all the wires and checked the grounds.


I still have no spark =(

I hooked back up the OBD2 ecu used a scanner nothing flashed but the code "P1259" or the vtec pressure switch which the F20B dosnt require hooked up so i jumped the sensor and the check engine light went off. So i hooked back up the OBD1 ecu, checked my coil, and all sensors related to having spark everything tested fine. I am at a total stand still on this swap. Does anyone have any suggestions?:confused: I am open to all suggestions at this point I will try anything unless it dosnt pretain to my problem.

Thank you guys very much =)
see if your getting spark out of the end of the plug wires if not. i would try a new distributor
im not, but i took the distributor from a running motor so im sure tht is not the problem thanks though =)
always best to check though i have got brand new ones from the parts store that was bad
I agree with AHHVTEC. If you aint getting no spark from your plugs and shit, change your distributar. if that dont work, recheck all your wiring and shit. then go from there.
to start off my car is a:

1997 Honda Prelude Base
I have swapped in a fresh f20b from tiger japanese ltd.
I am using a new h22a dizz w/ external coil

For future questions the car ran before the swap but had a blown motor

My problem is as follows:

When the swap was completed I had spark but my fuel pump did not work so I ran a few test found out my main relay was not putting power to the fuel pump even though a continuity test on the main relay said that it should be in perfect working condition so I put it back in and then not only did the fuel pump still not work I had lost spark. So i ran a few more continuity test checked my grounds on my main relay still nothing so i just replaced it with a new one since there fairly cheap. Now my fuel pump works but still no spark + injectors are not pumping fuel but fuel pump works perfect and there is power to the diz and injectors so i checked the coil its fine. But just to be sure I took my dizz apart and tested it and its fine( should be since its new but you never know) when i have the stock 97 ECM hook'd up it shows no codes on my scanner. So after 2 weeks of trouble shooting everything i can possibly think of checking all wires for shorts more continuity test on everything that is related to spark + injectors pumping still nothing everything test out 100% fine.

Also every few times i try to crank the car my new main relay clicks very loud and very fast but will stop when i hook up a obd2 scanner????

So now that i can find nothing wrong with it i realized that this year prelude has a honda immobilizer that may of been tripped when i disconnected the stock ECM and my car has all the symptoms of having it tripped. There is no spark and injectors dont work even though the engine is turning over and when i put my key in after i try to crank it, it is on for 2 seconds then when i take it out it blinks 5 times which from what i have read means the immobilizer is active even though i have the original black key i do not have the red dot key though. But i thought no worries because i have a obd2 to obd1 conversion with a minty fresh p13. But even with the obd1 conversion on which again from what i have read should disable the imobilizer it still jsut cranks with no spark and injectors are dead still and the key light still comes on for 2 secs then blinks 5 times(which i dont quite understand because my friends gf has a 99 accord and hers does the same thing but it runs)

I need help this is the longest it has ever taken me to get a swap to run, granted i will admit i have never owned a prelude only civics 97 and down and i have done alot of swaps and i am very familiar with trouble shooting on hondas. Also i have my roommate helping me and he stumped also and he is the most knowledgeable person i have ever met when it comes to hondas and wiring between both of us we can find nothing wrong with this car if anyone knows anything that could help me i would greatly appreciate it. I am calling honda tomm to get the reset code for my immobilizer but if that does not work i dont know wtf to do.