Spark Plug Question....Please Read!!!

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SyLee Duk

Hey people, my friend has a 2000 Civic Si and is selling the car, so hes puttin it back to stock. I have a 1992 Ls motor in my Civic Hatch. I know the parts numbers are different...but how different are the wires themselves? Could I use them on my Non-vtec motor? or would there be problems down the road by using them? Any info would help me out please.
Are the wires on his si non-oem? Even if they do work (i am not sure but i am pretty postive they will) you will not see any gains unless you are pumping out 500 hp or reving past 10k (i doubt your doing either). Are the lengths on them the same? (more length more resistance) OEM honda electrical systems are one of the best in the industry and switching wire brands is like throwing a geo metro engine in a corvette, not a great idea.

Is your question about wires or plugs. If it is about plugs, stick with ngks, all others will eat up you electrical system and or burn up after 10k miles