Speedo Cable

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ok guys i just had my speedometer cable replace on account of it being broken and my mechanic told me that i would have problems with it and that there was a possibility that it would break again. he told me that the stock CRX cable was not long enough and he was forced to make a tight turn in the cable. luckily the cable lasted long enough to pass inspection but it broke again. now it costs me about 200 bucks everytime that it needs to be replaced, and i cant afford to keep replacing it. now what i want to know is if speedo cables are interchangable, since the CRX one isnt long enough, i was wondering if one from another honda may be longer, like from an integra or sumthing. see i know that the connector to the tranny are all the same, but i want to know if the connector to the speedometer is the same. and if anyone knows which cable is long enough or any other info will be greatly appreciated. also my mechanic said something to me about a universal cable that you cut to the right length, would this be a good alternative too? this option will be a last resort if i cant get a real cable. any and all help is appreciated. thanks.
why? does it have the same connectors as the CRX? is it longer?