Speedometer no work

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New Member
Hey guys, i have a 1992 Honda Civic EG Coupe, automatic ( -_- ) and my speedometer doesnt work anymore, mph that is, ive changed the connector cable, speed sensor, and checked the soldering on the back and they are all fine, im at my wits end here, any ideas?
could be the cluster itself.... are you getting voltage out of the vss when in motion? jack up the front and put it in 2nd and see if the vss is responding correctly.
try a spare cluster? or anything that uses an rpm pill (like an msd igition) and see that it turns on.
This is the second cluster, hard to come by, ive tried it on a different civic same year and it works but not on mine, honda wants $250 just to freaking look at it -_-
if the cluster is known, good, it's likely a bad wire somewhere in the harness. get out the volt meter and start tracing :(