Springs On(suspension Fu!#ed)

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:worthy: Springs Ride great, shocks hold up well. But I still have a slight problem. Well, actually, a big one. Whenever I go to take a sharp turn my wheels lock up as if theres massive wheight in the front. The understeer practically jerks the steering wheel out of my hands. It's not the springs, they were done properly. I think it's either in the upper control arm, or the tie rods. I know the Tie rods are bad, but whether or not they can cause the understeer or not is up to yall. Lastly, my tires rub the inside metal of the fender. I'm thinking it might be rubbing and holding my tire in. I really don't know. :worthy:
The Guy said the only thing off was the caster. I run 15's with 215 55r 15
Your tellin me that nobody out there is a suspension expert!! come on help me out, I really need it. :worthy: :worthy:

peep that.
its the best i could do quickly.

camber from looking at the front of the car will look like that... the top of the tire tends to tuck inside more than the bottom does when you are lowered.

caster is kinda hard to explain- basically, the 2 grey tires are where the caster COULD be, and the black one is the correct one. its kinda like if you hit a big ass curb... it would push the tire backwards (or if you were in reverse, forwards)

toe is like your feet. look down at them, and kick them out like a duck, or pigeon toe them out.

Now, go look at how your tire sits on the car and shre the results.

cuz lowering your car should not have changed any of these to the point where you would have steering problems.
My upper control arm is bent a little. Not the actual arm but the thin piece of metal that connects the two bolts to the fender. This is really the only thing that I can think of.
I'meplacing the bent piece today and I will go to get it aligned too. I let you know how it goes
Originally posted by Mech@Mar 7 2003, 07:33 AM
I'meplacing the bent piece today and I will go to get it aligned too. I let you know how it goes

Common! ive been losing sleep wondering if your suspension problem has worked out. Well? :spin:
This is a very odd problem that I have also had on my 1991 crx si...I have at one time owned 89'civic si and they have all done what you are exactly writing about...I currently own a 1991 civic si and at 120,000 miles I am begining to experience this problem with this car also...all my past hondas were lowered and i've changed all of the front susp. parts except the upper ball joints...and the problem was never fixed...all 3 cars i sold because of this problem...my current civic is not lowered yet and i can feel the problem progressing as the miles come on...i will be changing the upper tie rods this time first this time but we will see if this fixs the problem....My friends crx does this sameproblem as well but it seems not to bother him...but for myself it drives me crazy...i alway felt it was only i who noticed this but this time i WILL find the fix to this
That puts alot of stress off my mind, PLEASSSEEEEEEEE tell what the problem is if and when you find out. A mechanic told me that the shock angle(CASTER) is the only thing that can cuase understeer. The ball joint on are cars could be bent. Not enough for us to noyice, but enough to effect it. I'm thinking of taking it to HONDA to get them to inspect it. But please tell me if you figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
question... you didnt take the tie rods OFF did you? if so... tell me what you did when you put them back on. also... there are no UPPER tie rods, there are outer and inner.
No I have not taken them off. A friend noticed that they were bad one day. And pissedoff: the mechanic is not an idiot by any means, I probably just misunderstood him. The upper tie rod quote was not said by me and std probably meant upper control arm.
u say you have a bent tie rod. that sounds like the whole problem. the tie rod is what the steering rack uses to turn the wheels...so i would replace that tie rod and see what happens.