Squid On Suzuki GSX-R Owned - Speeders Fight Back

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heh, tard.

i thought the judge was an actor for a while.

i think the funniest part is watching the guy behind ray on the left. his face is awesome when he says some dumb things
God that guy is a moron. Like how he dumps the bike at the end.
he couldve EASILY won that case!
the cop said his bike was silver!
but it was black and red.
whata dumbass..

I've seen that posted at a few places, while this could work if it showed that there was at all any doubt that they could have the wrong bike/rider. However, the whole thing was on tape so there's no way in hell of it working.

Judge, the color of the bike is wrong, I don't have a silver bike, "judge inserts tape" is this or is this not you speeding on camera, then getting pulled over, then dropping your keys on the ground, then talking crap on camera?"

What's he going to say, no? lol
he still couldve brought it up.
its a much better defense then his.

I don't think he was too worried about his defense. He gave that up at the point where he dropped his keys when he was pulled over.
I'm pretty sure it could have worked if he would have stressed the bike being silver IF AND ONLY IF the ticket was over 15 mph over. The fact that he was traveling that close to the speed-limit is actually what got him, the cop was able to visually identify him instead of just "Woah! A motorcycle going really fast."

He didn't have any chance of winning with how everything played out. Especially since he dropped the keys. That told the officer "he's done this before" and I'm sure his comments to the police officer didn't help either.

This is actually a term I use often. Typical Hayabusa Owner. Zombies.
The fact that his departure was caught on camera is fantastic. What a d-bag.
few weeks old, but whatever.

i would have dumped a shot in the judge. never fucked a judge before. something about women with power would be interesting.