SRI problem

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ok so recently I bought a 2000 integra gs. it had alerady installed a generic brand sri. I didn't think anythign of it, but over a peroid of about 2 weeks it drifted down and rubbed a hole in the ac piping just below it. I have trie tightening the intake but it keeps drifting down and have resorted to zip-ties. OBV i am going to replace the intake but do not want a full cai being as I dont want to hydrolock the engine if I were to hit a puddle. My city has NO drainage system. I have seen the cai's with the box around it to prevent that but am still leery. has anyone elsehad this problem or know of a way to fix this?


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just make a bracket/arm of some kind and put it under it and bolt it to the car there are plenty of places/bolt holes to do that