Ss Brake Lines For 92 Accord

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Senior Member
Anybody here have SS brake lines for the 92-93 accord? Which companies are best? :blink: They dont seem like they would be too hard to install, anybody have experience doing this?



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i may be pissin in the wind, but what do you do that sparks your need for stainless steel brake lines? honestly... i can't see you actually NEEDING them, spend your money elsewhere, somewhere that can be USEFULL. btw... if this doesnt sway you to put your money back in your pocket, goodridge prolly makes em.


WRX Sellout
Goodridge does make them, but the only reason you'll really need them is if you upgrade your whole brake system and you plan on running DOT4 fluid. Otherwise, like BlackJDMdeath said, save your money, or if you're really wanting to upgrade your brakes, spend the $100 on some grabbier pads, like some Hawk HPS's.