SS Brake Lines

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Senior Member
I've found a number of places that sell stainless steel brake lines. However, this IS a pretty important part of my car (failing line might equal death) so I would like a pretty reputable company. Where did those of you with the SS lines get yours from?


bah, their website is kaput... but call or email stan. hes the man when it comes to fittings and steel braided lines.. plus he sells goodridge


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ok Which to get? I ahve non abs in the front, but the rear discs I just bought are abs. So do I get the abs ones or non abs?


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the rears are abs from an ex model. Does it matter? Is it the length that is different? i'm confused :(


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no mix matching, they are the same.

i just recently did a full integra brake setup from an abs and all lines were the same.

i have a 95 civic.