stay or go?

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hey all. it seems i am not well liked anymore since i dont own a Honda anymore. i am asking for all to please vote and whatever the final vote tally is will be what will happen. thanks all.
wtf did you possibly do to be disliked.
I say stay who cares if you don't own a honda, you prolly posses some knowlegde that is universal in the car world in that knogin of yours
I dont own a honda, yet i'm still here. I am going to buy one when i can find one that dont cost both arms. I dont know why you say no one likes you or whatever. If they dont like you, tough shit, you leaving is what they want.. piss em off by staying :)
STAY!!! and learn to like it!! :D you got alot to contribute since youve already buiilt a few hondas. I'd hate to see u leave. it kinda sucks cause all the newbies werent around when you were building your hondas, but i think you should stay. they'll figure it out eventually.
stay mang. all those flamers are just playin. they all would wish they knew what you knew if they knew what you know. i thinks its awesome that you wanna make something so challenging and unique..and i think its a badass looking car you wanna make too. if you pull it off, im sure it could be the subject of a car mag article, maybe even a cover car.

also, stay cause id be interested in some updates/pics :)

BTW, this is RixXxceboy's alter ego :)