Still Can't Get Ecu To Throw Codes

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Ok, for those of you that don't know what i have it's a 94 prelude SI with a JDM H22A run by a p28 ecu.
Im not sure if Im doing something wrong here... I have what I believe to be the plug that Im supposed to jump with a wire. The plug is located on the drivers side coming from behind the center console up under the dash. The plug itself is a sort of ugly tannish color and has 2 wires in it, a green and a brown or black (can't tell it's dark down there!).
When I jump the wire it does absolutely nothing in any ignition position. The only thing I have noticed that it does is make my SRS light flash constantly, which does me absolutely no good.
Please someone help me out here, id rather spend nothing on a little piece of wire rather than spend $80 at honda for them to do the exact same thing.

Is your SRS a constant flash or is it long and short flashes mixed?If it is long and shor,than it sounds like you could be jumping it and that is your code.
Sorry then,that was my good answer :lol: someone may know,
on civic's its on the passenger side, not sure if that applies to you, but it sounds like you're jumping your srs and not your ecu.
nah there is no plug on the passenger side of the prelude :\ ill have to take a drop light in there and see if i can find something else since i have no interior now... hopefully im successful! buuuuut i doubt it :( im gonna feel stupid if i have to take it to honda cuz i can't find a stupid plug!
well ill have to check, the one that i tried out was just hangin back there chillin, i didnt have to pull anything off from it. thanks for the advice!