Stock Honda Accord 2001 Coupe

Upgrading My Accord Slowly and the Best Way

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New Member
Hey Guys,

I'm brand new to this forum and have some knowledge with car mechanics but have just received a Honda Accord Coupe 2001 (4 cylinder ) and would like to slowly upgrade the car with better performance parts. I'm new to the replacing engines with Honda and would like to know if there is some type of chart out there that could assist in me picking out an engine to replace the old engine. If anyone has any input please feel free to push me in a direction to find this information. I would like a high performance Honda engine but I'm unaware of where to look or start. Feel free to treat this like as if it was your own car as you pass on you advice, expertise and past experience. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to hearing from you all...


Welcome. :)

The main changeover engine for your car is the prelude h22.

Is there emissions in your area?


New Member
Same boat but mechanically inclined... already cleaned intake manifold/throttle body.. heads look good even at 235000... guts are cherry too... easy 500+ motor for sure picked it up for 200 bucks ran and drove ... scooped her up faster than speedy Gonzalez does the cheese... has f23a1 auto :(.. what Manny tranny do I need? What can I do as far as performance parts not really bout the whole Frankenstein slapping shit together I'd rather just build it but whatever's clever... hit me with info plz.. she's my first build y'all so be real.. and don't hate I put my heart in this and very little money I'm not rich I don't have money so look in for sleeper build on a budget. Help a brother out