stupid problem

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well on my way to the gf's house my damn speedo cable broke again, which wasnt that big of a suprise cause the one i scored from the junk yard was pretty rusted. But my biggest problem is that my turn signals stoped working. All the light bulbs are fine, all the fuses are fine, i cant figure it out. If someone else has had this happen lemme know how ya fixed it. Big problems dont bother me, but stupid lil shit like this pisses me off.


Originally posted by TWISTEDIMAGE+May 15 2005, 10:39 PM-->
check hazard switch
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wheres that at? is it one of those black boxes inside by the fuses?

@May 16 2005, 12:37 AM
put your mouse on the picture, right click on it, go to properties.
copy the url.
And don't feel bad
internet > *
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thanks B)
hazard = 4 ways, emergeny lights..little red button in the right bottom corner of that pic.

If that fails, you won't have signals.

Just check the connection, see what happens
oh well duh, i thought he ment like a transistor box that makes everything blink. I guess ill check that out then.

I hate not having vtec, its so damn slow my u pull it yard better get another teg in soon so i can rape it of its speedo cable. Or some schmuck around my town is gettint theirs "borrowed" since ill be sure to leave them my broken one :ph34r:
With my rex i have the hazard switch on the top of the steering colum. If the switch isnt 100% off i dont have blinkers. you should check it and if thats not it there is a black fuse box under the hood. there should be a fuse in there for the hazard check it
welp when i changed my speedo cable, i musta not connected the clip to the hazard switch all the way and it popped out, so that was the problem

thanks for the help :D