Sudden Stiff Clutch Pedal

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Ok, I was driving down an on ramp running about 75% throttle and when I shifted from 2 to 3, the clutch was 5-10 times heavier than it usually is, and it didn't go into gear. I let go of the clutch and put the transmission into nuetral and just paused. A few seconds later I reclutched and it went in fine, got up to highway speeds in 5th no problems. Coming out of 5th to 4th it did it again, heavy pedal, refusing to go into gear. Once I got the engine sped down it all worked fine and with no more incident on that trip. Coming back home it did it once from 2 to 3 (lightly, I was shifting about 2500), and then worked fine for the remaining 45 minutes. I am thinking my clutch is pretty much gone, but seeing if anybody else had this and it was something else.
last time I fixed a problem similar to yours, that shift fork that throws the throwout bearing out was starting to bend and eventually break. but if that's not the case, it could just either be your pressure plate or throwout bearing.
The clutch felt normal when cold but after running a while it started to get heavy and slip at occasions when accelerating or after shifting. Clutch engagement height was also higher on the pedal when it was warmed up. Replaced the clutch disc, pressure plate, clutch MC and SC didn't help. Finally found out it was a worn clutch hose. Umph.
Originally posted by E-dogg@Jun 18 2005, 03:48 PM
"Sudden Stiff Clutch Pedal, 96 LS"

Did you drive by a car that perhaps excited the LS?? Just a thought...
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<_< it was an on ramp, no other cars around, just to answer your question
Just to add new info... the clutch is not disengaging hardly ever now. The pedal feels normal, but its just the synchro's getting it from gear to gear most of the time. 1st gear is always fine, only seems to have a problem when its under power.