Suggestions on Head work

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Saturday night, a friend and I were out cruzing when my car started to warm up. For those of you that have 4th gen ludes, the gauge went upto 4 bars for about 30 seconds, then dropped back to 3 bars and evetually 2 again. I found the closest gas station and put water in it. I figured I'd check the oil while I was at it. When I did I found it wasn't really oily nemore but it looked like chocolate milk and it was slimy. I imediatley drove it home and parked it. A friend and I tore into it the next day. Once we got it down to the head gasket and pulled it off, the gasket apeared fine. Which brings me to my question, since there is no sign of blow by on the gasket or any signs of it being blown, should I take the head in and get it milled? Also, whats an average price for this, even though I want my car back down, I don't want to get screwed over in the process. Thanks for the help :worthy: , J