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l have a 93 civic DX HB, want to get all the suspendion stuff i need. I will at first use it as a daily driver and do a few mods as i am saving for one of the many engine swaps that are availble, so when i buy all that i need i want to be able to use it for after swap also.
but what do i get,coil overs ,Eibach pro kit, both, struts, schocks and do i also get the front and rear strut bars, should it be lowered a little and what else??
not junk cheap stuff but proven working mods,any info possible will be great and then i'm off to oder suspension stuff. Thank everyone for ther time !! this forum stuff is the best thing ever. evryone have a great tomorrow.


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Eibach with koni shocks make a pretty good daily driver set up. The pro kit will lower your car a little bit (1.5-2.0 inches according to Also look at a rear sway bar, they will make your car have alot less body roll and make the suspention alot tighter. Stay away from strut bars by DC sports. Get a good brand, going cheap will lead to your strut bars flexing.


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Most people here will say get Tien, I didn't want to go through the hassel of setting each corner so I opted for H&R pro springs and Koni yellows.


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for sway bar, i'd say get the comptech sway/lower tie bar combo, or get a beaks kit for the type r sway bar, but the comptech unit looks much beefier :) teins are great too, i am running the ss's with pillow mounts, along with front strut bar, spoon rear strut bar, spoon lowe tie bar, beaks kit with type r sway bar, the car feels glued to the road :) hopefully soon i'll be getting corner balanced.